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Self Portrait  

Welcome to my corner of the web.I used to work in a shipyard until they let me loose in June 1989, but I have been painting and drawing all my life. While working in the shipyard, I executed commissions for Misener Transportation Canada and North Sea Ferries. I also exhibited and sold at the Royal Scottish Academy summer exhibition of 1985. Since leaving the shipyard I have shown in many galleries throughout the central belt of Scotland and in a group exhibition which included Josef Herman and Peter Howson at The City Gallery Leicester in the year 2000. My work on the shipyard theme is representational and I have included some images in the Gallery 1 section of this site.

A period of experimentation with light reactive media in 1993-94 led to an exhibition of paintings and nine installations. This was an exciting time for me as it was fun creating most of these installations from the written word.

This change of direction developed into my current surreal work which still has links to my memories of the shipyard. I have included some surreal images in the Gallery 2 section of this site.

A group of North Ayrshire artists including myself exhibited in Claustre St Domingo, Inca, Majorca from 17 September until 15 October 2004. The other artists were David Reid, Michael Durning, Chick McGeehan and Jamie O'Dea.


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